Her belly was getting bigger and bigger, when the doctors saw what was inside her, they were in shock

Often, individuals face silent struggles that go unnoticed. Allison Fisher, a 20-year-old, lived through such a challenging ordeal, but fortunately, she was granted a “second chance” at life. Let’s delve into her story to discover more about Allison’s remarkable journey.

In 2020, Allison started experiencing what she initially dismissed as a mere stomach ache. The persistent pain, coupled with irregularities in her menstrual cycle, prompted concern.

Astonishingly, Allison endured a year-long period without seeking medical attention, as she harbored a deep-seated aversion to doctors due to past experiences focusing on her weight.

Growing up, Allison had often been met with the refrain of needing to lose weight, regardless of the reason for her doctor visits. This negative history fostered a reluctance to address her health concerns.

As her condition worsened, a noticeable growth on her stomach became “rock hard”, hindering her ability to stand for more than five minutes or even drive a car.

When the mass impeded her breathing around Christmas 2022, and motivated by her mother’s 2021 cancer diagnosis, Allison finally sought medical help. Dr. Martin Martino, a gynecologic oncology surgeon at Ascension St. Vincent’s, delivered the shocking diagnosis, a 104-pound ovarian cyst containing approximately 46 liters of fluid.

Surgical removal was imperative, involving collaboration with pulmonary and cardiac doctors.

The medical team utilized robotic technology to perform the intricate procedure, emphasizing the collaborative effort involved. The surgery not only addressed the massive cyst but also revealed a twisted left ovary, which they successfully untangled, preserving Allison’s future fertility.

Following the surgery, Allison expressed gratitude for her “second chance” at life. She marveled at being able to see her feet again, stand for longer durations, and engage in activities that were once physically challenging. Currently undergoing early stages of weight-loss surgery,

Allison looks ahead with optimism, eager to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

Reflecting on her journey, Allison acknowledged the fear that many individuals, especially those with larger body sizes, face when seeking medical attention. She urged others not to let fear hold them back and encouraged them to prioritize their health.

In her newfound lease on life, Allison is determined to pursue activities she couldn’t undertake before due to the physical hindrance caused by the massive cyst. She looks forward to driving and cooking, emphasizing the importance of overcoming fears and moving forward.

Allison’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of seeking timely medical assistance and the transformative power of second chances.