Here’s how the thieves from the movie “Home Alone” look today

Three decades ago, a cinematic gem was born, a timeless classic that continues to captivate audiences of all ages.

This cinematic masterpiece, a comedy extravaganza, has seamlessly woven its way into the hearts of viewers spanning from the wisest to the most youthful.

The stellar performances of iconic actors Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern elevated the film to legendary status.

Pesci and Stern masterfully portrayed the mischievous thieves, embarking on a rollercoaster of escapades in this unforgettable motion picture.

As the sands of time relentlessly marched forward, the aging process proved to be an inevitable force, sparing none, not even the beloved stars of this cinematic treasure.

Today, we witness how the passage of years has etched its mark on Pesci and Stern, reminding us of the temporal nature of fame and the enduring magic of a film that transcends generations.