Hidden camera catches cute bear cub having a bath with a toy bear he found

Unfortunately, this bear named Tamarack had an unfortunate event.

His paws were badly burned in the fire, but he was successfully rescued.

While they were helping him, on one occasion the unfortunate bear went back to his natural habitat.

However, his health is still good.

The bear’s progress can be monitored via a camera set up by animal lover Toogee Sielsch.

One recorded scene was incredible.

As you can see, this bear found the bear toy and did not let it go.

He constantly played with it, because it was clearly close to his heart.

Toogee told The Dodo that he was happy to see the bear in this condition. This is proof that he is progressing and that he is getting happier.

No matter how hard it is, he has to keep going. And apparently he is doing very well.