Huge 40-ton humpback whale caught on camera jumping entirely out of the water

Humpback whales, the colossal giants of the ocean, hold the title of being the largest animals on our planet. With their awe-inspiring mass, often reaching up to a staggering 40 tons, witnessing these magnificent creatures entirely breach the water is an exceptionally rare spectacle.

This is precisely why a mesmerizing video of a humpback whale doing just that off the coast of South Africa has been creating waves across the internet.

The breathtaking footage was skillfully captured by scuba diver Craig Capehart in the waters near Mbotyi, South Africa. He estimated the weight of the adult whale to be close to a whopping 40 tons. After recording this extraordinary event, Craig shared the remarkable video on YouTube, where it has garnered millions of views, quickly going viral.

Craig recounted that he and three other divers were aboard an inflatable motorboat on the lookout for sardines.

Their quest was not solely for the fish themselves but also to track the predators they attract. It was during this pursuit that the humpback whale made its remarkable breach, providing the divers with an extraordinary spectacle.

In the video’s description, Craig expressed his amazement, stating: “It seems that never before has a recording been made of an adult humpback whale leaping entirely out of the water! A very rare event, indeed. Dolphins and even Great White Sharks have been seen flying out of the water, but this is a first for an adult humpback whale!”

The divers were undoubtedly left in awe by this incredible sight. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this remarkable footage for yourself!