Husky forms beautiful relationship with duck after losing bestfriend

It is often unthinkable what kind of friendships exist between animals, and now we are witnessing one completely unusual one.

Max is a dog that Patrick and Kirsten Riley have decided to attach to their family. They’re from Strout Minnesota.

They had a dog named Sasha a long time ago. The two of them soon became very good friends, they got along great.

When their first dog, Sasha, passed away it left a very big impact on Max.

He was quite sad until Quackers, a duck, came into his life.

Simply Max’s owners had to include another member in the family, just that cute duck. It was clear that Max and Quackers would get along nicely.

According to what Patrick said in an interview with WCCO-TV, their dog liked to spend time next to the duck, so they actually became close. No matter how completely free he was outside, he would by no means separate himself from the Quackers.

Literally everything works in pairs, so says Kirsten.

When they see them next to Highway 28, people often stop and watch them because they look very cute.

There are only 25 residents in Strout, so it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know about this cute duo.

Alisa Godejahn, a neighbor of this interesting family, says she always expects to see them outside as soon as she leaves the house because they are very special to enjoy watching.

They say a column of cars is often created because of people who want to photograph Max and Quackers.