If you have these cupboards above your fridge, you had better know what they’re used for

Maintaining a well-organized home not only enhances its appearance but also fosters a sense of tranquility and focus. Personally, I find it challenging to concentrate when surrounded by clutter or when items are not in their designated places.

This appreciation for tidiness was instilled in me by my mother, whose meticulous approach ensured that our home always resembled a scene fit for an estate agent’s brochure. Alongside her knack for cleanliness, she imparted various tips and tricks, including ingenious ways to utilize those often-overlooked small cupboards above refrigerators.

Initially, these upper cupboards may seem impractical for everyday use, given their limited size and height. However, with a bit of creativity, they can become invaluable storage spaces for items that are not frequently accessed.

Consider using these cupboards to store infrequently used kitchen gadgets such as food processors, blenders, or specialty cooking tools like waffle makers. Similarly, canned foods, long-lasting produce, or baking essentials that are only utilized on occasion can find a home in these elevated compartments.

For those with a collection of cookbooks, the top shelf of these cupboards provides an ideal resting place. Additionally, items from the pantry or a small spice rack can be neatly organized to free up valuable counter or cabinet space.

Household essentials like kitchen towels, purchased in bulk by many, can be conveniently stored here. Similarly, delicate dishware or cutlery reserved for special occasions can be safeguarded from everyday use by placing them above the refrigerator.

However, it’s essential to exercise caution when accessing these high cupboards. Always use a sturdy stool or step ladder, and ensure that items stored are not too heavy to handle safely. Additionally, be mindful of the heat emitted by the refrigerator, which may affect certain products’ longevity.