If you see a man with one painted fingernail, here’s what it means

When you encounter a man sporting a single painted fingernail, take note, he’s actively participating in the global movement known as #PolishedMan, a campaign committed to raising awareness and funds to combat violence against women and children.

This groundbreaking initiative has garnered widespread support from both celebrities and ordinary individuals, all uniting to make a positive impact on the world.

If you wish to contribute, join the cause by painting one of your nails and sharing it on social media with the hashtag #PolishedMan. Every small gesture counts.

Prominent figures such as Chris Hemsworth and Michael Klim from Australia, along with Hollywood star Zac Efron, have enthusiastically embraced this campaign, proudly displaying their painted nails in solidarity with the cause. The rallying cry? “Nail it to end it.”

You too can play a role in ending violence against women and children. Paint your nail, share it online with the hashtag, and contribute to spreading awareness, making a tangible difference in the world.

Let’s ensure that the resounding message echoes far and wide: End violence against women and children. To play your part, paint a single nail and become part of the movement. Use the hashtag #PolishedMan on social media to express your support. Together, we can effect change. Let’s nail it to end it!

According to the YGAP website, a polished man is an individual who actively supports women and children, contributing to efforts aimed at eradicating violence globally.

“YGAP’s Polished Man campaign urges everyone to take a stand and actively commit to ending violence against women and children by painting one nail throughout October. The funds raised support trauma prevention and recovery programs globally, aiming to thwart violence before it occurs and assist survivors on their journey to recovery. Sign up today, paint a nail, initiate conversations, and raise funds to combat violence against women and children.”

Since its inception eight years ago, the Polished Man campaign, as of December 2022, has raised over $7.6 million. Their website proudly declares: “Over 100,000 individuals from more than 100 countries have joined this movement, funding both trauma prevention and recovery services worldwide”.

In their 2021 campaign report, YGAP stated: “We are proud to stand as a beneficiary partner of Polished Man in the effort to end violence against children. Our contribution focuses on preventing violence by ensuring economic security and stability worldwide. YGAP supports small impact businesses in Australia and overseas that are addressing economic and social inequality globally”.

So, the next time you spot a man with a single polished nail, know that he is championing a worthwhile cause.