Injured dog shielded from train by her loyal friend for two days

On a Christmas day filled with unexpected heroism, Denis Malafeyev found himself at the center of a dramatic rescue mission to save two dogs. Urgent pleas had reached his ears, and he couldn’t turn a blind eye to the dire situation unfolding.

The distressing call conveyed a troubling tale of two dogs stranded on a set of train tracks, their ordeal spanning a harrowing two days. The urgency of the situation was compounded by the female dog’s injuries and the other dog’s valiant efforts to shield her from the passing trains. This brave canine would lay atop her, pressing their heads to the ground, serving as a living shield against the formidable trains that rumbled by.


Denis Malafeyev embarked on a journey to the small town of Tseglovka, Ukraine, ready to confront the perils that awaited him. What he encountered was a precarious predicament for everyone involved, with the dogs at the heart of it.

Sharing his experiences on Facebook, Malafeyev recounted the remarkable bond between these two dogs. The uninjured dog, now lovingly named “Panda”, displayed unwavering loyalty to his injured companion, whom Malafeyev dubbed “Lucy”. When the train driver’s signal sounded, Panda would immediately rush to Lucy’s side, offering his protective embrace to shield her from the imminent danger.

Denis Malafeyev

In the face of the oncoming trains, both dogs would lower their heads and press them firmly to the ground. Malafeyev was deeply moved by their courage and the profound connection they shared, but he knew immediate action was needed to rescue them from their perilous position.

Several attempts to coax the dogs from the train tracks proved futile, and the risk involved was too great. However, perseverance and patience ultimately paid off. Malafeyev succeeded in reaching Lucy, and to his delight, Panda followed suit, allowing him to secure their safety in his car.

The next destination was a local animal shelter, where Malafeyev hoped to either reunite the dogs with their owners or find them a new loving home.

In a remarkable turn of events, the same day brought an extraordinary revelation: the owners of Panda and Lucy were located. Malafeyev, joined by the founder of a local NGO for animal protection, visited the family’s home to assess the situation.

They found an atmosphere of genuine care and love for the dogs. The family welcomed their guests and embraced their advice on better pet care. In return, they demonstrated that Panda and Lucy were up-to-date on their vaccinations and had regular vet check-ups. The dogs enjoyed a vast, fenced yard where they could play and roam freely, complete with fresh hay bales for relaxation in the outdoors.

Lucy, in particular, enjoyed the comfort of living inside the house, where she had a warm room, affectionately known as the “boiler room”. Malafeyev shared his relief and happiness, stating: “The animals are on the mend!”

This remarkable rescue serves as a poignant reminder for all to speak out and take action when animals are in distress. While it was disheartening that the dogs faced danger for two days, it is a testament to the power of compassion and community that led to their ultimate salvation. Moreover, the bond between Panda and Lucy stands as a touching lesson in love, friendship, and unwavering dedication, showcasing the remarkable depth of emotion that animals can bring into our lives.