Jason Aldean praises American values at concert after “long week” of backlash to video: “I love my country”

Jason Aldean took a candid approach in addressing the recent criticism surrounding his latest hit “Try That in a Small Town”, particularly in the wake of the music video’s release.

In candid videos surfacing on social media, Aldean humorously acknowledged the challenges of the past week, quipping about its length and the myriad of opinions thrown his way.

Reflecting on the backlash, Aldean dismissed claims suggesting racial undertones in his song, emphasizing that it celebrates small-town resilience amidst societal upheaval.

Addressing a live audience at the Riverbend Music Center, Aldean reiterated his commitment to his country, family, and values, staunchly defending his stance amidst the discord.

As chants of “USA” erupted from the crowd, Aldean’s wife, Brittany, shared glimpses of family moments backstage, showcasing their unity amidst the controversy.

Earlier in the week, Aldean refuted accusations of insensitivity in his song, highlighting its broader message of community solidarity.

Despite the song’s removal from CMT rotation, Aldean and Brittany remained steadfast in their conviction, unapologetically advocating for their truth amidst the noise of public opinion.

The song, drawing inspiration from Aldean’s upbringing, reflects his nostalgia for a tight-knit community ethos, transcending differences for the sake of collective well-being.