Keith Urban says goodbye to his children and reveals the heartbreaking reality

Renowned celebrities Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are constantly in demand, with Nicole often immersed in various filming projects while Keith maintains his Las Vegas residency and embarks on global tours.

Despite their hectic schedules, they’ve mastered the art of nurturing their marriage over time, as evidenced by their past experiences. Keith recently opened up to Extra about their approach to balancing their busy lives while still prioritizing time together as a family.

“We travel extensively to ensure we’re together”, he explained. “I’ll perform and then fly straight home. Even if it means arriving at 4 a.m., I make sure I’m home.” “Nicole does the same”, he added. “We’re fortunate to have that flexibility.” Keith then added with a touch of romance: “But we chose this lifestyle because we want to be together”.

Reflecting on his previous residency experiences, Keith expressed his enthusiasm for the current one, noting its “more relaxed vibe” that resonates with him. The celebrity duo, parents to daughters Faith, 12, and Sunday, 14, recently graced the Oscars in Los Angeles, showcasing their enduring bond amidst their bustling careers.

In a plethora of affectionate snapshots, the couple radiated joy as they graced the glitzy affair. The evening held special significance as it marked a heartwarming reunion, with Keith by Nicole’s side to lend his support as she took the stage to present the prestigious Best Director award.

Their undeniable chemistry solidified their status as the epitome of a power couple. With an unwavering grip on each other’s hands, tender embraces, and even stolen kisses for the cameras, they ensured their presence was unforgettable, with numerous snapshots swiftly going viral across social media platforms.