Little dog is so happy that people remembered his birthday

Rarely does anyone dislike birthdays, especially if it’s about their own. But this dog’s birthday is also very dear to everyone. This is Odin, a very small dog with very small paws and very small ears. There is also a no bigger tail by which you can always know if a dog is happy.

It was a completely different day when the little puppy was celebrating his birthday.

Although he is very small, the smile on his face that day was really big.

Joyce Cetina via The Dodo

The years that can stand out in the life of this little dog Odin are past 3. He spent that time with his family in Mexico. Those are certainly the best years of his life.

Mom, Joyce Centino, in an interview with The Dodo, said he is her loyal life companion who also loves to cuddle and play. With Odin entering their home, a lot of happiness and joy came along with him. This birthday was actually just a summary of everything Odin represents to them.

Joyce Cetina via The Dodo

With the arrival of this little puppy’s birthday, everyone was more determined to celebrate it beautifully.

And so it was, they made him a dream party to understand how much it meant to them.

Joyce Cetina via The Dodo

When he entered the room, she was full of people who love and appreciate him along with lots of cakes, pies and other sweets.

Joyce says he didn’t get along right away, he didn’t immediately understand what was going on. But he soon saw that everyone was just looking at him and that he was actually the main character. His happiness was immeasurable.

Joyce Cetina via The Dodo

Odin was very excited and was really glad they didn’t forget his birthday.

Clearly, it was the best day of his life.

Joyce Cetina via The Dodo

Although there were cakes and other things that meant a lot to Odin, we still believe that the hugs and kisses of all the loved ones meant more to him.

Joyce Cetina via The Dodo

This puppy’s birthday was special, but Joyce says she gets the same attention and love throughout the year, not just on her special day. This way we wish him a happy, not only this one, but many more upcoming birthdays.

This day was amazing for him, but the cake seemed to be something special to him. This is a video where you can see his reaction as his loved ones congratulate him on his birthday with a song.