Man builds a customized kayak so he can go on the water with his two dogs

David Bahnson from Vermont came up with a very creative idea.

The fact is that we all enjoy the company of our pets. So does David, an orthopedic surgeon, who, apart from being with his dogs, also enjoys being on the water.

He combined these two loves and made a customized kayak. Now he can enjoy the water together with his dogs.

David told the Huffington Post UK that his dogs loved traveling with them. Whether it’s a car or a boat or something else.

That’s why he decided to make it possible for them. Susie and Ginger can now enjoy kayaking with their owners.

As David says, the dogs are very happy when they realize they are going to go kayaking.

Facebook/Creative Woodworking

However, after some time these wonderful dogs passed away. But they certainly had a lot of fun with their owners.

David’s wife still kayaks with Piper, also a golden retriever.

David told The Dodo that these dogs simply enjoy all these rides. Also, they have been through a lot together.

Source: The Animal Club