Man is horrified by what he found inside a bag of broccoli

In an unexpected and somewhat unnerving turn of events, Neville Linton, a 63-year-old resident of West Midlands, England, made a startling discovery when he unearthed a snake in a bag of broccoli he had purchased from Aldi. This surprise encounter proved particularly distressing for Linton, who harbored a fear of snakes.

Promptly enlisting the help of his family, Linton, who works in industrial cleaning, ensured the safe removal of the snake from his kitchen. Grateful that the snake hadn’t been set loose in his home, he recognized the potential danger it posed to his vulnerable family members, including his disabled son and mother-in-law.

Identifying the snake with the assistance of his sister, Ann-Marie Tenkanemin, 57, Linton safely confined it in a plastic container and returned it to Aldi. While he received some compensation, Linton contends that the situation should warrant further consideration due to the potential risks it imposed on his family and the emotional toll it took on him.

Aldi responded, assuring that this incident was isolated and that their supplier maintains robust processes to prevent such occurrences. They apologized to Mr. Linton, acknowledging a deviation from their usual high standards.

According to Linton’s son, Donovan, 41, the snake found in the broccoli was identified as a young ladder snake. Despite their intimidating appearance, ladder snakes are non-venomous and commonly inhabit various European regions. Feeding on rodents, birds, spiders, lizards, and insects, they pose no threat to humans. The snake has since been relocated to Dudley Zoo.

However, herpetologist Dr. Steven J. R. Allain disputed the identification, suggesting that the snake might be a viperine water snake, also non-hazardous to humans. Allain theorized that the snake likely ended up in the broccoli due to agricultural equipment scooping it up while traversing a field. He emphasized the importance of public education about these species to dispel fear and misunderstanding.