Man Requests Euthanasia For His Dog, But Veterinarian Declines

In a world where many dogs face the challenge of being born with disabilities, the responsibility often falls on their owners to navigate the complexities of raising a pup with special needs. Sadly, not everyone is equipped to handle the task, either due to financial constraints or a lack of willingness to confront the difficulties involved.

This is the tale of a small puppy named Bing Bong, who narrowly escaped euthanasia at the insistence of his owner.

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Bing Bong’s early days were marred by the challenges of being blind, leading his mother to attack him. Faced with the belief that mercy lay in euthanasia, the owner sought the services of a local veterinarian, who, to the owner’s surprise, refused to carry out the request.

Instead, the compassionate vet proposed an alternative, taking the puppy into his own home to find suitable care away from the mother. Agreeing to this option, the man relinquished Bing Bong into the hands of a woman named Kim, who readily accepted the responsibility.

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With round-the-clock care, Bing Bong thrived in his new environment, overcoming the odds stacked against him. Named by a toddler, he transformed into a beautiful and playful dog, forging bonds with his canine companions in the household.

Given his blindness, Bing Bong’s human mom relied heavily on her voice to guide him through his surroundings. While uncertainty lingered about the extent of his blindness, the family adapted to meet his unique needs.

YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

Despite the hardships, Bing Bong found solace in a loving family that dedicated themselves to his happiness. Regular updates on his Instagram page showcase his joyous moments, including a newfound fondness for a green ball during rainy days.


This resilient pup rarely parts with his favorite toy, delighting in playtime and forming close bonds with his dog siblings. Nestled in blankets, he takes long naps, embodying the essence of a truly content and happy dog.

Bing Bong’s story is a testament to the goodness within humanity, embodied by individuals like Kim and the veterinarian who refused to give up on him. Thanks to their compassion, Bing Bong now revels in the beauty of life, embarking on countless adventures in the company of those who cherish him.