Man reunites with his lost dog at pet adoption event

Jennie Clutterbuck, a dedicated volunteer, often lends her time to pet adoption events, striving to find loving homes for dogs at a Jacksonville animal shelter. Among the many canines she has encountered, one particular stray touched her heart. This story revolves around a dog that arrived at the Florida shelter just before Thanksgiving, her disposition reflecting her overwhelming fear of the unfamiliar surroundings.

Weeks went by, and sadly, no one came forward to offer this frightened pup a home. However, just the week leading up to Christmas, a remarkable turn of events unfolded at an adoption event.

Jennie Clutterbuck shared this heartwarming tale on Facebook, stating: “Sofia is the dog that breaks your heart every time you walk by their kennel because they Just. Look. So. Sad. She is sweet as can be but definitely was terrified in the shelter”.

Then, she continued with excitement: “Yesterday she loaded up with all the other dogs to head to the Mega Adoption Event. Today, I looked over to see her absolutely losing her marbles, so happy, jumping all over and thought, holy cow, she found someone she really likes. It turns out this is her Dad!!”

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that her real name is Daisy, and she ended up at the shelter as a stray, vanishing since Thanksgiving. The heartwarming twist in this tale is that their babysitter stumbled upon Daisy’s photo on the shelter’s website. Daisy’s dad had been working tirelessly seven days a week for a tree service since Hurricane Matthew struck. Yet, he managed to rush down during his lunch break to reunite with his beloved dog.

The transformation in Daisy’s demeanor was nothing short of extraordinary, bringing tears to Clutterbuck’s eyes. The pup’s dad explained that Daisy had escaped from their yard when someone accidentally left the gate open. Despite weeks of searching, they couldn’t locate her.

Jennie Clutterbuck concluded her story with a touch of humor, revealing: “PS, they were talking about her age in the video as we had her listed as younger than she actually is, which is why dad was showing us her teeth. LOL. Apparently they’re in pretty good shape!”

This heartwarming reunion is undoubtedly a priceless Christmas gift, not only for Daisy but for her elated family as well.