Marie Osmond’s Daughter: A Beautifully Grown Woman

Renowned singer Marie Osmond, acclaimed for her chart-topping hit “Paper Roses”, is celebrated not only for her musical talent but also for her pride in her daughter Jessica’s growth into a remarkable individual. With her other children flourishing and beginning families of their own, this 60-year-old global icon shows no signs of slowing down in her career. Despite her enduring fame, Marie remains active in the spotlight, branching out into television hosting, including a recent venture with Viacom CBS following her departure from The Talk.

Heralded as a member of the illustrious Osmond family, Marie first captured hearts with her appearances on The Andy Williams Show in 1962. However, it was in 1973, at the age of fourteen, that her career soared to new heights with the release of “Paper Roses”. This country-inspired anthem not only dominated the US Country charts but also soared to the Top 5 of Billboard Magazine’s Pop chart, catapulting Marie into stardom and setting the stage for an illustrious solo journey.

While Marie achieved solo success, her brother Donny Osmond, also a member of The Osmonds, rose to prominence alongside her. The dynamic duo captivated audiences not only with their television ventures but also as prominent figures within the entertainment industry, showcasing their talents while proudly representing their Mormon faith.

Marie Osmond faced a profound test of her faith when she publicly embraced her adopted daughter Jessica, who identifies as a lesbian. Jessica Marie Blosil, the eldest child of Marie Osmond and her former spouse Brian Blosil, was welcomed into their family at just two years old through adoption. Despite Marie and Brian’s divorce in 2007, their parting was amicable, leading Marie to marry Steve Craig, her first husband who transitioned from football player to public speaker.

While the Mormon Church has opened its doors to the LGBTQ+ community, it’s important to note that acceptance comes with conditions, such as adhering to celibacy. The latest guidelines acknowledge same-sex marriage as a serious sin but no longer classify it as apostasy under Church discipline.

Marie Osmond’s unwavering support for her daughter’s sexual orientation has deeply moved her fans. Despite her devout commitment to the Mormon faith, Marie openly expressed her love and encouragement for Jessica. She shared her pride in being named “Person of the Week” by Diane Sawyer, attributing it to her unconditional love for her daughter. Marie’s tears flowed freely when Jessica came out at 17, her sole wish being for her child’s happiness and freedom from judgment.

Today, Jessica, happily married to her wife Sara, thrives in her joy, a fact that Marie proudly shares on social media. Marie extends a warm embrace to Sara, welcoming her into their family with open arms. Meanwhile, Marie and Steve Craig continue to enjoy a harmonious marriage, while her other children carve their own paths to success.

Marie Osmond’s journey exemplifies the enduring power of love and acceptance, celebrating our loved ones for who they truly are. Her unwavering devotion to Jessica, despite the trials they face, serves as a heartwarming testament to the strength of familial bonds.