Millions of people were moved to tears when they saw the dog rushing after the rescue caravan begging for help

A heartwarming scene in Bolivia featuring a dog chasing after soldiers and being taken along for the ride has captured the internet’s attention, leading to a collective outpouring of affection for the adorable canine.

In recent days, a series of photographs portraying a dog playfully chasing a group of patrolling soldiers has gone viral on various social media platforms. This endearing moment has garnered widespread attention, not only in Bolivia but also in countries like Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Netizens worldwide have been captivated by the story behind this heartwarming encounter.

Some individuals have speculated that the dog might have been a stray on the streets, and upon spotting the passing army personnel, decided to follow them, perhaps sensing a newfound purpose.

However, the true account, as reported by the Los Tiempos page, reveals a different narrative. These captivating photos were fortuitously captured by photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero on the streets of Tupiza, Bolivia, during the quarantine period enforced to combat the epidemic. The military vehicle was on a patrol mission to ensure compliance with quarantine regulations.

Contrary to assumptions, the fawn-colored dog wasn’t a stray; rather, it was a beloved pet residing within the barracks, bearing the name “Gorda.” “Each regiment adopts dogs, they live and share the life of the soldiers, eating and training alongside them. Gorda serves as the division’s mascot”, explained Colonel Luis Pacheco, the Director of the Department Army Logistics IV.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and soldiers began patrolling the streets as part of their epidemic control duties, Gorda enthusiastically chased after them. Witnessing their loyal companion’s eagerness to be a part of the mission, the soldiers graciously invited Gorda into the vehicle. This heartwarming moment was serendipitously captured by the keen eye of photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero.

As Gorda hopped into the vehicle, another gray dog, named Multicam and serving as the mascot of another division, eagerly approached, wanting to accompany Gorda.

The touching image of these two dogs quickly became a subject of joyful photo manipulation across various forums. Whether aware of the backstory or not, netizens universally agreed on one thing: both dogs exude an irresistible charm that brings joy amid the challenges posed by the pandemic.