Moose and her calves spend whole day in family’s backyard, man documents it

It was quite an ordinary day, and then Ryan Ryndstrom from Anchorage, Alaska, saw some unusual scenes in front of his house.

There were mom moose with her two calves.

It was obvious that this little company really liked the yard, so they decided to be there all day, and Ryan recorded those moments.

First they checked everything, and then they went back to the grass and even took a break.

Later, the mother brought the little team something to eat.

From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., this team was in Ryan’s backyard.

He recorded it all on camera and posted it so everyone could see.

Ryan told Bored Panda that he photographed this moose with Flat Stanley, and then a couple without him, after which he had to go to work. He believed that this team would soon leave his yard, but that did not happen. Whenever he checked to see if they were still there, they were there.

Ryan had the opportunity to look at these animals right from where he works. It was, he says, a very interesting way for him to spend the day and take a break from editing concert recordings for work with the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra.

The moose often moved to find a better position to lie down, and this was all tracked and recorded by Ryan. Most of the time they didn’t even see him, although they were probably awake because their ears were up.

At one point they were walking around the neighborhood, but they were back in the yard again.

Although they spent most of their time lying in the yard, one neighbor saw them not far from that yard passing by and observing the neighborhood.

As Ryan says, mom moose was having a hard time breathing in the early morning hours, so she probably needed a break. Maybe that’s why they decided to lie on the grass.

After she knocked down these flowers, this baby pretends she doesn’t know what it’s about.

They enjoyed a lot of time on the lawn in the backyard. They were very cute, especially watching them move along with the sun.

They left the yard a little, so they came back a little, but while they were in the yard they would have fun with plants or in the case of calves, decorations. Calves behaved like all babies.

Ryan’s neighbor turned on and off the light in the yard, trying to scare the calf that wanted to eat the light bulb. She feared the glass might hurt her.

Mom moose seems to enjoy eating flowers and leaves in the yard.

Ryan said another cow with her calf passed through their yard that day, more precisely in the evening. Still, he failed to film them because of this family lying around all day.

At one point, two cows and four calves were running past the house. It was an interesting scene and a lot of events.

All credit for the pictures goes to Rolands Rydstrom.