Neglected tiger cub gets rescued from circus, makes an incredible recovery

Aasha’s frail state bore unmistakable signs of malnutrition, as she barely tipped the scales at 30 pounds, a weight more fitting for a three-month-old cub rather than the nearly nine months she should have been. Vicky Keahey, deeply concerned for Aasha’s well-being, embarked on a quest to uncover the mystery behind her pitiful condition. “I asked how could a 9-month-old tiger be that small,” she recounted.

The heartbreaking truth emerged, Aasha had once been a captive of a traveling circus. Trapped in a cage with a larger companion, she was cruelly denied access to sustenance. To compound her misery, she contracted a painful skin infection known as ringworm. Neglect and mistreatment only exacerbated her suffering, prompting Vicky’s determination to intervene and offer her salvation.

Thus began Aasha’s journey to recovery within the sanctuary of In-Sync Exotics. The Dodo reported that Aasha’s ordeal had left her with bald patches covering nearly her entire body, and her skin was marred by dry, cracked, darkened areas that bled. Vicky’s unwavering commitment to Aasha’s well-being saw her administering medications and providing companionship twice daily. She understood that nurturing Aasha back to health required gentle handling and care. Remarkably, within just a few weeks of proper treatment, glimmers of hope began to emerge as tiny tufts of fur started reclaiming their place on once-bare spots.

The road to recovery, however, was far from swift. Aasha’s transformation into a thriving tiger took nearly eight months of dedicated effort and tender care. Vicky recounted, “Within eight months, she looked like a real tiger, and it was time to see how she would react to other tigers.”

Aasha’s remarkable resurgence rendered her nearly unrecognizable from the frail and suffering cub rescued by Vicky. Her journey from the depths of malnutrition and despair to a life filled with hope and the companionship of fellow tigers serves as a testament to the incredible resilience of these magnificent creatures when given the chance to heal and thrive in a nurturing environment.

Source: LOLitopia