Officer saves freezing dog struggling to survive, but that’s not even the best part of the rescue

A stray dog ​​accidentally ended up in Lake Michigan, but fortunately he was rescued.

When a woman saw this unfortunate dog in the lake, she immediately called for help.

As soon as the police arrived, they rescued the dog and looked for its owners.

While the dog was recovering, many people wanted to adopt it. Unfortunately, its owners have not responded.

The dog had his recovery at the Wisconsin Humane Society, from where they decided he would be best at Brenda Thompson.

This is the woman who, as soon as she first saw him on television, came to visit him.

She told TMJ4 that she has been with that dog since the first day she saw him. I’m sure she will take very good care of him.

As she says, immediately after his recovery, she wants to take him for a walk and then take him home. Everything is ready for the arrival of a new member of her home.

In addition to Michigan, Brenda adopted another dog. It will surely be a great friendship.

Enjoy the video that has a really beautiful ending: