Old and paralyzed dog that was abandoned, meets the sea and true love before dying

In the final moments of his earthly journey, a young pup named Heart found solace in the knowledge that goodness still prevailed in the hearts of humanity.

Having dedicated the prime years of his life to an unappreciative family, Heart, a German shepherd, seemed destined for a life of abandonment and despair. Yet, his tale serves as a poignant reminder that hope is a resilient force, and even in the face of adversity, this canine warrior crossed the rainbow bridge surrounded by love.

Abandoned in an old dwelling, Heart’s life hung in the balance. Fortunately, fate had other plans, and the compassionate members of the animal rights organization, Qua la Paampa in Bitonto, Bari (Italy), stepped in to intervene.

Rescued and christened Heart by his savior, Gianna Serena Manfredi, the pup battled paralysis, dragging himself in search of sustenance. Nights were spent limping back to the forsaken residence where abandonment had left its mark. Enduring hardships, Heart’s journey took a turn when the volunteers sought to restore his mobility, even resorting to a wheelchair for a time. Despite their efforts, the swelling in his spine persisted, and there seemed to be no cure.

Unable to restore the pup to perfect health, the volunteers resolved to salvage his spirit, dedicating themselves to making Heart’s remaining days ones filled with joy. Gianna aimed to teach Heart the true meaning of love in close proximity before bidding farewell to this world.

Taking it upon herself to orchestrate a dignified and peaceful conclusion, Gianna exposed Heart to the wonders of the sea. Positioned on his mattress, the pup experienced the rejuvenating embrace of the pure, coastal breeze. Recounting the experience, the organization shared on Facebook: “And we went to the sea, it was beautiful, the wind caressed my ears, the waves beat on the rocks, the sound of the sea in the still silence of winter. It was very relaxing, I almost fell asleep, forgetting all the pain of abandonment by the one who loved me very little”.

Though immobilized on his hind legs, Heart’s caretakers facilitated his interaction with the cold water, allowing him to momentarily escape the pain. Describing the moment, Heart shared: “(Forget) the pain of the injuries they start to feel, the pain of not being in a very position to run thereupon very little dog that was running once the rock. I couldn’t touch the water, but the personalities helped Maine by transportation Maine some and wet my face, it had been clean and scented with freedom”.

The anguish Heart endured in his days of abandonment was unimaginable. Yet, these earthly angels did everything within their power to help him forget. In the twilight of his existence, Heart found solace in the knowledge that there are indeed compassionate souls on earth.

Heart’s suffering was profound, but Gianna exemplified that love possesses the transformative power to heal all wounds.

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