Park rangers save six young elephants trapped in mud puddle, thank you

Approaching wild animals is rarely a good idea. However, there are always special situations.

When the park rangers saw six elephants that could not move from the mud, they immediately jumped in to help.

It happened in Thap Lan National Park, Thailand.

While crossing the area, the young elephants got stuck and could not move. The adult elephants crossed over and were waiting for the others on the other side, but unfortunately they could not get out on their own.

Since park rangers had no equipment with them, and it was late, they had to wait for the morning.

One of them looked after the elephants, while the others went to get the equipment.

The next morning, they managed to get the young elephants out of the mud puddle.

Now they are all safe and back in their herd.

Thanks to the park rangers, the elephants now have a new chance at life.

Source: The Animal Club