Polar bear is so attached to her human dad she purrs when he’s near

You can often see the connection between farm animals and their owners.

However, this is something completely unusual.

YouTube/Animal Planet

This man and the polar bear don’t know the difference. Polar bears weigh between 1,500 and 1,000, depending on whether they are male or female.

Regardless, Agee the polar bear and Mark Dumas have had a special relationship for 18 years.

Mark trains animals for movies. When he once needed to find a polar bear, he heard about Agee.

At that time, Agee was only eight weeks old and was being raised in a zoo.

The mother of this polar bear had 10 more cubs and could not take care of her.

Mark decided to train him for the film. And he succeeded in that.

After that, they remained in a special relationship.

Mark told Animal Planet that he was just doing his job, but he became very attached to her while doing it.

Mark wasn’t sure Agee loved him, but he was sure she was attached to him.

However, his wife Dawn told Animal Planet that she is sure Agee loves him too.

As they say, Agee can get angry if someone else gets Mark’s attention.

Even today, this duo is still in a very good relationship.

Mark said he never felt unsafe around Agee.

When this polar bear is near Mark, it makes a purring sound.

This is because she is very comfortable in his company.

The two have an inseparable relationship.

Mark loves her, but she surely loves him too, even though she is an animal.

Check out this amazing duo’s unique relationship:

Source: Animal Channel