Pop Star Hid His Affair with This Man for 39 Years, They Had a Secret Wedding When He Was 71

For decades, Barry Manilow was the quintessential heartthrob, captivating audiences worldwide with his enchanting voice. But it was a bombshell revelation that shook many of his fans to the core: after 39 years, he disclosed his relationship with a man, with whom he shares a child, and tied the knot at the age of 71.

Born Barry Alan Pincus to single mother Edna Manilow, his journey to stardom began with the chart-topping pop-rock ballad “Mandy”. From then on, he remained firmly in the spotlight, winning over millions of predominantly female fans.

The sudden revelation of his decades-long relationship with a man caught many off guard, especially given his previous marriage to high school sweetheart Susan Deixler. Their romance had been a public fascination, with fans eagerly following every aspect of their lives.

Despite his musical success, Deixler remained Manilow’s first love. He fondly described her as the “prettiest girl in the class”, with a smile that could light up a room. They exchanged vows when he was 21 and she was 19, but the marriage faltered after just two years. Manilow confessed that he wasn’t ready for such a commitment, being deeply engrossed in his burgeoning music career.

His dedication to music eventually paid off, catapulting him to superstardom with hits like “Copacabana (At the Copa)” and “Can’t Smile Without You”. It was during this time that he met Garry Kief, a meeting that would change his life forever.

While Manilow insists he wasn’t grappling with his sexuality during his separation from Deixler, he eventually came to terms with his love for Kief. However, societal pressures forced them to keep their relationship under wraps, fearing backlash and negative publicity.

Kief not only became Manilow’s life partner but also his manager, a role he still holds today. Despite the challenges they faced, Manilow considers himself fortunate to have found “the one” in Kief, describing him as the smartest person he’s ever met.

Their relationship, though enduring, was not without its trials. Early on, they faced hostility from fans, prompting them to keep their love hidden for decades. Even after their secret wedding in 2014, Manilow remained hesitant to openly discuss their relationship, fearing disappointment from his fans.

Now, with their marriage public knowledge, Manilow and Kief continue to enjoy their life together, surrounded by love and support from their closest circle. While the journey hasn’t been easy, Manilow remains grateful for the blessings that have come their way, even amidst the challenges.