Pregnant cow desperate to save baby, jumps off truck on way to slaughterhouse

Sometimes we are not even aware of how emotional animals can be. Brianna the cow proved it once again.

She was pregnant at the moment when they drove her to the slaughterhouse. Besides her, there were other cows.

However, she was aware of the situation and in order to try to save her baby and herself, she jumped out of the vehicle on the highway.

She just wanted to get away from everything and get help. When they finally got to her, they went to Skyland Animal Sanctuary & Rescue.

It soon became known that Brianna was pregnant. Then the vet got a little scared, because Brianna got hurt during this escape. This immediately meant that there could be problems during birth.

Fortunately, 2 days after the incredible feat, Brianna gave birth to her baby. The little calf was named Winter and is completely healthy.

Everyone is aware that this birth is a true miracle and no one doubts Brianna’s love for little Winter. Yet she did something incredible for her.

Watch the video: