Princess Diana’s Brother Admits He’s Worried When Asked About His Niece-in-Law Kate Middleton

During a conversation with the BBC, Earl Charles Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana, shared his concerns regarding the heightened media attention surrounding Princess Kate Middleton.

Addressing the current scrutiny faced by Kate, he expressed apprehension about the distortion of truth in media coverage.

Responding to inquiries about whether the pressure on Kate surpasses what his late sister endured, Earl Charles acknowledged the severity of the media landscape during Princess Diana’s time, describing it as more perilous.

Reflecting on the tragic events of 1997 and Diana’s untimely demise, he noted the profound impact it had on the paparazzi industry, prompting a reassessment of boundaries due to public outcry rather than moral introspection.

As the spotlight increasingly falls on him, particularly in light of his memoir “A Very Private School”, Earl Charles has disclosed personal struggles, including experiences of assault during his schooling years.

Delving into these painful memories for his book, he emphasizes the importance of speaking out against such injustices, yet acknowledges the toll it has taken on his mental well-being, leading to a period of emotional turmoil and subsequent treatment.