Raccoon forms sweetest friendship with deer who lost her mom

When the 3-week-old raccoon was abandoned by its mother, Carrie Long was immediately notified.

She runs the Texas Fawn and Friends rescue organization. The rescued raccoon was named Jasper.

Texas Fawn and Friends

Although it is not the right place for a raccoon, it is very good there.

Carrie tried her best to provide him with the best possible conditions and to continue to live a good life. She succeeded in that.

Texas Fawn and Friends

In addition to so many deer that are next to this little raccoon, he especially loved only one. It’s Hope.

Hope is a little fawn that Jasper loves to spend time with.

Texas Fawn and Friends

With Carrie and the other people in this organization, these once unhappy animals now live very happily.

Their life is much better and happier. Every day they are given a lot of love and care from this staff.