Rescue dog barks five hours to save her 92-year-old owner

It has long been known that dogs are our best friends. This is just one of many examples where they have proven it. The older lady was once very kind and gentle to the little puppy. When she had nowhere to go, the woman gave this chihuahua its home. Still, obviously the little creature knows how to give thanks in a nice way. She did that by saving the life of her 92-year-old owner by constantly barking. That barking lasted for about 5 hours.

Marie Alexander and Sassy were very connected from the first moment. This lady is a senior from Florida, more precisely from Inverness, and she rescued this dog. Obviously, the two of them are connected in a very nice way. In addition to spending time together and going through life together, they help each other. This time Sassy saved the life of her owner and thus became a hero.

ABC Action News

When this lady went out one day she didn’t feel her best. As she walked to the mailbox to see if she had received new mail, she fell to the floor. She lost her balance and could not get up again. She had no phone to call for help, so that only luck could help her. And that luck soon appeared with all the loud barking. The little chihuahua barked until someone showed up and helped the lady.

ABC Action News

The lady told ABC Action News that she fell due to twisting her leg. Sassy desperately sought help with her barking. And with barking, she would often approach Marie and lick her face.

Whenever a car passes, Sassy follows it. Hours passed, it was very hot, but this duo did not give up. Soon a couple appeared who were curious about the chihuahua’s barking.

ABC Action News

In the end, it all ended well. The lady went to the hospital where she was recovering, and all the credit for the rescue went to the little puppy.

Marie and Sassy saved each other. This is truly a wonderful and amazing relationship.

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