Rescue takes in severely matted dog who looks like a wig, today she’s unrecognizable

The profound impact of a haircut is not exclusive to humans; it can be a life-changing experience for dogs, especially those who have been neglected or left to stray. The distress caused by tangled and matted fur is a common plight for many unfortunate canines.

A recent heartwarming tale unfolded when Mac’s Mission, a nonprofit specializing in rescuing dogs with special needs in Missouri, came across a severely matted dog abandoned in the middle of the road. The dog, now named Pear, was in a dire state, hidden beneath layers of thick, tangled fur, so much so that she resembled more of a wig than a living creature.

Undeterred by Pear’s initial unrecognizable appearance, the rescue team at Mac’s Mission swiftly took action to give her a life-changing makeover. Describing Pear as not resembling a dog but merely a “wad of hair”, the rescue shared the story of her transformation.

A dedicated team of volunteers provided Pear with a much-needed “spa session”, meticulously removing the dirty, matted fur. Rochelle Steffen, the founder of the rescue, explained the process, stating: “We got her cleaned up, shaved down, and a bath to get rid of any grime and fleas. She got settled into one of our spaces and fell asleep pretty quickly”.

Despite the challenging task of removing the thick mats, Pear displayed remarkable patience and sweetness throughout the process. Fortunately, there were no maggots in her fur, and she appeared to have escaped a potentially dangerous encounter with a moving vehicle. However, Pear bore the mark of an older injury, having lost an eyeball.

Mac’s Mission shared the incredible before-and-after photos of Pear, showcasing a stunning transformation that speaks to the power of care and compassion. The rescue expressed gratitude to their supporters, noting that Pear now has a new life ahead of her.

Pear’s newfound beauty is a testament to the transformative impact that love and proper care can have on a neglected animal. Thanks to Mac’s Mission, Pear’s inspiring story serves as a reminder of the positive change that can come from rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need.

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