Rod Stewart’s unexpected family growth announcement

Rod Stewart stands out as one of the most iconic vocalists of his generation.

This 78-year-old patriarch is not only a musical legend but also a devoted family man who cherishes his role as a grandfather as much as being a father.

Excitingly, the Stewart family is about to welcome a new addition, and we’ve got the scoop!

Known for his timeless hit “Maggie May”, Rod Stewart’s ease around children is no surprise, considering he has eight of his own.

Recently, the singer celebrated becoming a grandfather when Ruby, his fourth child, joyfully announced the arrival of her baby on May 9, sharing the moment with her fiancé, Jake Kalic.

Rod’s son, Liam, also had exciting news to share as he revealed the birth of his son, Louie, on May 12, just days after Rod became a grandfather for the first time.

Liam proudly exclaimed on Instagram: “Welcome lad, you American, British, Croatian, Kiwi”, alongside a heartwarming gallery of images capturing the special moment.

Rod Stewart’s familial ties extend across the years. His marriage to Rachel Hunter from 1990 to 2006 resulted in Liam, who expressed his joy at becoming a father.

Grandmother Hunter welcomed the newborn with the words: “Welcome, beautiful angel”, while Rod’s current wife, Penny Lancaster, sent her congratulations and expressed anticipation for future hugs.

As if the family wasn’t already buzzing with joy, it seems there’s more happiness on the horizon. Liam, the son of Rod and Nicole Artukovich, has announced his engagement and forthcoming wedding.

The couple shared the delightful news on their respective Instagram accounts, posting a shared image with the caption “Forever” and a sparkling diamond ring emoji.

Nicole, with her eyes filled with love, gazes at her fiancé, showcasing the engagement ring on his chest. The family, naturally, erupted in joy and celebration.

Penny Lancaster expressed her excitement, saying: “So magical, congratulations”, accompanied by a heart emoji. Liam’s sister Rudy playfully added: “It’s almost time! I adore you two! Congratulations!” Even Alastair, Liam’s brother, chimed in with a comment saying: “1 vibes”.

Cheers to the ongoing success of the Stewart family! We extend our heartfelt best wishes to the newly engaged couple as they embark on this exciting new chapter of their lives.

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