She adopted the boy 27 years ago: Here’s how he repaid her

Several years in the past, Ingeborg McIntosh from the United States dedicated herself to the challenging process of adopting a child. Jordan, a young boy, had been placed in an orphanage during his early childhood.

Despite facing numerous obstacles, his prospective mother persistently pursued the adoption for over four years.

Jordan’s biological mother expressed a preference for him to be adopted by a family of mixed race or African-American descent. Eventually, Ingeborg was granted custody of Jordan when it became evident that finding suitable parents was a difficult task.

From the very first moment she held him, Ingeborg felt an undeniable connection, firmly believing that he belonged in her family.

Two decades later, Ingeborg faced a health crisis when polycystic kidney disease was diagnosed, necessitating a kidney transplant. In a surprising twist, Jordan, without his mother’s knowledge, decided to donate his kidney to her.

Extensive evaluations were conducted to ensure compatibility, and fortunately, his kidney proved to be a perfect match.

Without hesitation, Jordan consented to the procedure, demonstrating his unwavering support for the woman who had dedicated so much to him throughout his life.

When speaking about Ingeborg, Jordan becomes emotional, expressing deep gratitude for her decision to adopt and raise him. He acknowledges the hardships she endured on his behalf since childhood and is determined to repay her kindness.

For Jordan, donating his kidney is a gesture he considers the least he can do to express his love and gratitude to the woman who played a pivotal role in shaping his life.

Just before the transplant, Ingeborg learned of her son’s selfless decision to be a donor. She offered him an opportunity to reconsider, but Jordan insisted, saying: “No, mom, I want to do this for you”.

The transplant was successful, leaving Ingeborg profoundly grateful. Today, she can only express that she could not have asked for a better son.