She Had 43 Cosmetic Procedures To Become A Barbie Doll, But Critics Say She Look Like A ‘Zombie’

Meet Dalia Naeem, a 29-year-old native of Baghdad, whose recent surge in social media fame has captured the internet’s curiosity. With an astounding tally of 43 cosmetic surgeries under her belt, Dalia’s journey towards embodying a living Barbie doll has become a topic of widespread discussion. Here, we delve into the intricate details of her transformation and the diverse array of responses it has elicited.

Dalia’s infatuation with Barbie dolls has long been evident. Her unwavering commitment to emulating the iconic figure has driven her to undergo an impressive array of cosmetic enhancements. Sporting radiant golden locks and captivating features, she has affectionately earned the moniker “Iraqi Barbie” from her supporters.

Upon unveiling her transformed appearance in a recent video, Dalia encountered a spectrum of reactions far from unanimous praise. While some viewers showered her with roses and applause, others were swift to dub her as a “Zombie” or even liken her to a “Devil Barbie”. The dramatic alterations to her features ignited a fiery debate on the ethical boundaries of cosmetic enhancements and the nature of self-expression.

Despite the contentious discourse surrounding her transformation, Dalia has succeeded in garnering a formidable following on various social media platforms. Boasting a staggering count of 996,000 Instagram followers and an additional 43,900 on TikTok, her influence is undeniable. Even her makeup artist, captured in a video, couldn’t resist praising her beauty, remarking: “You radiate such stunning beauty, my dear”.

While the striking metamorphosis of Dalia is unmistakable, the precise array of cosmetic procedures she underwent remains shrouded in speculation. Lip fillers and breast augmentations are among the rumored surgeries, suggesting her aspiration to mirror the iconic Barbie aesthetic.

Yet, Dalia Naeem’s acclaim extends far beyond her physical transformation. Renowned as an accomplished actress and TV presenter, she has garnered a significant following within her native Iraq. Originally from Baghdad’s Adhamiyah neighborhood, her appearance prior to her surgical odyssey was markedly different.

The captivating odyssey of Dalia Naeem, dubbed the “Iraqi Barbie”, prompts reflection on the boundaries of cosmetic enhancements and individual autonomy. While admirers laud her audacity in pursuing her ideal, critics voice concerns regarding the potential repercussions of such extensive alterations.

Behold her pre-surgery appearance: