Stray Puppy Collapses From Sickness, Miraculously Gets Back On Her Feet

Upon encountering the distressed puppy on the streets of India, Animal Aid Unlimited witnessed a heartwarming tale of resilience. Abandoned and incapacitated, this pup was found unable to stand, yet her unwavering spirit shone through in the form of her ceaseless tail-wagging.

Her dire condition pointed to the looming threat of canine distemper, an illness notorious for its high fatality rate within a mere fortnight.

However, this brave stray pup displayed an indomitable will to survive.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Animal Aid Unlimited team, along with a regimen of antibiotics and essential intravenous fluids, this remarkable canine made a miraculous recovery.

Within just a few days, she defied the odds, regaining her strength, appetite, and ability to walk. Witness this astounding journey of resilience and recovery by watching the heartening video below!

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