Tattoo addict colors 95 percent of his body, but wait till you see what he looked like just 5 years ago without ANY tattoo

The imagery captured previously was truly remarkable. Dive into the visuals below. Weigelt embarked on his tattoo journey at the age of 20, and presently, a staggering 95 percent of his body boasts intricate ink designs. Reflecting on his transformation, he confessed to feeling peculiar when glimpsing his pre-tattooed self in the mirror. Yet, internally, he remains unchanged.

Of all the tattooing ordeals he endured, Weigelt singled out the ones etched onto his face and scalp as the most excruciating. Describing the sensation akin to relentless scraping with a coarse metal brush, he endured six grueling sessions, each spanning five to six agonizing hours, with the pain intensifying to a daunting eight out of ten.

Interestingly, unlike many tattoo enthusiasts who imbue their body art with profound symbolism, Weigelt’s extensive collection lacks concealed messages or deeper significance. Nonetheless, his commitment to this form of self-expression has amounted to a hefty investment of $50,000 over half a decade.

For those contemplating their own journey into tattoo culture, Weigelt offers sagacious counsel: “Select something deeply meaningful and personally resonant. While many fret over whether a tattoo will harmonize with their appearance or lifestyle, genuine affection for the design should be the guiding principle”. Personally, the notion of adorning my entire body in ink remains a distant consideration.