The great eared nightjar is pretty much a dragon bird

Meet the enchanting great eared nightjar (Lyncornis macrotis), a captivating species of nightjar nestled within the family Caprimulgidae.

This distinctive avian inhabitant graces the landscapes of southwest India and various regions in Southeast Asia.

Distinguished by its grandeur, the great eared nightjar boasts long barred wings, a similarly adorned tail, and remarkable ear-tufts that often recline.

While adorned with a white throat band, this splendid creature exhibits an absence of white hues on its wings and tail.

As our imagination often yearns for the existence of mythical beings, the dream of encountering dragons becomes a common desire.

While the skies may not host majestic, fire-breathing dragons, the natural world introduces us to a creature that carries the mystique of a miniature dragon, the great eared nightjar.

Venture into the depths of Southeast Asian tropical forests, and you might chance upon these mystical beings. Operating under the cover of night, these nocturnal marvels gracefully navigate their wooded realms, seamlessly blending into the shadows.

Their camouflage is a work of art, a perfect mimicry of the vibrant foliage that blankets the tropical forest.

Nestled on the forest floor, their abodes, adorned with a litter of dry leaves, remain expertly concealed.

In the dim glow of darkness, one could easily mistake these ethereal creatures for inhabitants of Harry Potter’s magical world or characters plucked from the intricate narratives of Game of Thrones.

Yet, in reality, they are not mythical beings but rather feathered wonders, the great eared nightjar.

Truly unparalleled in its avian elegance, this bird captivates with a unique charm, standing apart from any other species witnessed in the avian realm.