The heartthrob is now a barely-walking pensioner: The way Val Kilmer has changed caused mixed reactions

The once-heartthrob who captured the adoration of millions throughout the 1990s has undergone a startling transformation! Val Kilmer, renowned for his iconic role in “Top Gun”, now bears little resemblance to his former self, leaving fans in disbelief at his noticeably aged appearance.

The celebrated actor, whose charm once entranced audiences worldwide, has undergone a profound change. What was once a figure of idolatry for many has now given way to a visage that has left fans disheartened by the effects of time.

In addition to fluctuations in weight, Kilmer’s countenance displays undeniable signs of aging, indicating the toll that years have taken on his once-youthful appearance. For those who once held him in high esteem, the challenge of recognizing him now proves to be a difficult task.

Some observers have even remarked on changes to his eyes, further contributing to the perception of a wholly transformed individual. Gone is the muscular and dashing figure of yesteryears, replaced by a man who appears as if from a different era altogether.

Now at the age of 63, Kilmer bears little resemblance to the Hollywood heartthrob he once was. To say that he has undergone significant change would be an understatement. It’s important to note that his battle with cancer in 2010 continues to impact his health, further contributing to his altered appearance.