The man gave baby elephant CPR to save its life after a motorcycle accident

The rescuer from the area can’t even believe that he managed to save the elephant by giving it CPR.

When an elephant was injured on one occasion, people immediately called Mana Srivate.

He has helped many animals by giving them CPR, but this is the first time it was about an elephant.

While the others were helping the motorcyclist involved in the accident, Mana was trying to save Ellie the elephant.

Considering that this is the first time he is helping an elephant, he was very nervous and confused.

Mana didn’t have much time, but fortunately he was successful.

Ellie was saved, and Mana’s face was almost flooded with tears.

After that, they took Ellie for additional treatment, so that she could return to the other elephants as soon as possible.

Thanks to this man, the elephant got a second chance at life.

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Source: Lexnau