The man received the “sweetest revenge” from stray dogs after hitting their friend

We all have friends, but are they really the best? Are they willing to do anything for us? Will they allow others to hurt us? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves.

In these dogs, the answers are clear. After a man from China hit a dog on the street because the dog was lying in the place where he wanted to park, an unexpected revenge arrived.

After a while a group of stray dogs came and smashed the car from that man. The photos clearly show the condition of his car after it was tried to be chewed by a stray dog ​​and his friends.

Probably the man didn’t even know what caused so much damage to his car, but when the neighbor, who saw everything, showed him the pictures, it must have been clearer to him.

We can be sure he was sorry he hit a stray dog.

Most people who saw this on the internet were on the dog side. We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, but of course they will charge for any bad behavior towards them. Whoever is willing to do harm to another should expect it back as soon as possible.

However, revenge is never needed no matter how much damage you have received. Karma always does its thing, and you enjoy the show.