The Olsen sisters are 37: What the twin actresses look like now?

It’s truly astonishing that the twin American actresses have reached the age of 37, prompting reflections on the memorable movies featuring these charming ladies and contemplating the current state of their popularity.

For those familiar with the actresses, the curiosity about their transformations over the years is natural. Comments ranging from “What’s wrong with them?” to “They’re healthy” and “They look haggard” are commonly found beneath photos of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Observations like “They were so cute when they were little, how come?” and “Time has not been good for them” are prevalent as well, with remarks such as “They used to be prettier” and “At 37, they look 60” adding to the mix.

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In our perspective, their slender appearance doesn’t necessarily define their charm. The years may have brought changes, but there’s more to beauty than mere thinness.