The superstar asks a little girl to sing “You Raise Me Up”: Seconds later, the girl brings down the house

The Voice Kids, a captivating British talent showcase, introduces the sensational Courtney Hedwyn, a burgeoning rock sensation whose live performances continue to ascend to greater heights.

This exceptionally talented teenage rock vocalist delivered a spellbinding rendition of the iconic track “And I’m Telling You”, originally popularized by Jennifer Hudson, during the grand finale.

The song demands a resilient, versatile voice with an extraordinary range, a challenge that Courtney effortlessly embraced in her own distinctive style.

Courtney’s grand finale showcase is a masterpiece in every sense. Her vocals, potent and passionately unrestrained, are truly spectacular, matched only by her commanding stage presence that leaves audiences in awe.

The performance becomes a visual and auditory feast, as her mesmerizing dance skills and genuine facial expressions infuse each phrase with a profound emotional resonance.

It’s as if Jennifer Hudson’s chart-topping anthem was tailor-made to showcase Courtney Hadwin’s unique prowess. Her voice, demeanor, and stage charisma harmonize seamlessly, crafting a rendition of “And I’m Telling You” that transcends the heartfelt sincerity of the original, delivering an unforgettable musical experience.