The young heroes: 12 kids and a dog recognized for their crime-busting deeds

A new breed of young heroes emerged during a thrilling adventure when a dynamic group of children, known as the “Daring Dozen,” played a pivotal role in assisting the police in apprehending burglars.

These ingenious teens crafted a human arrow, a feat that catapulted them into online stardom. Their creative initiative guided a police helicopter to track down two fleeing burglary suspects, reminiscent of the legendary adventures of Enid Blyton’s fictional characters.

Accompanying them on this daring escapade was their loyal Yorkshire terrier, Molly, adding an extra layer of charm to their story.

In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, the children, aged between six and twelve, opened up about their remarkable experience.

Reflecting on the incident, they expressed a sense of pride and awe, describing it as an “awesome” moment that they will cherish forever.

The genesis of their heroic act unfolded during an Easter egg hunt in a field near Capel, Surrey. The children noticed a police helicopter circling overhead, its unmistakable “police” markings visible from below.

As they enjoyed the festivities, their attention was drawn to a man hastily racing along the field’s edge, frantically removing his jumper and wrapping it around his head.

A nine-year-old girl recounted the excitement, describing the noisy scene as they tried to communicate with the helicopter.

Despite their best efforts to attract the pilot’s attention by yelling and screaming, the helicopter seemed to be moving in the opposite direction. Frustrated but determined, the children huddled together and decided to form a human arrow.

Lying in the mud, they patiently awaited the helicopter’s return. After what felt like an eternity, the chopper changed its course and began closing in on their well-constructed human arrow.

The triumphant moment arrived as the helicopter descended, following the direction indicated by the children. The Daring Dozen had successfully played a crucial role in leading the authorities to the suspects.

Their quick thinking and teamwork showcased the extraordinary potential within every child to be a hero in unexpected situations.