They Found An Abandoned $10.5M Mansion – What They Found Inside Is Astonishing

Two intrepid urban explorers recently stumbled upon a sprawling 30,000 square foot estate, an abandoned gem that, despite its neglect, retained an opulent array of high-end furnishings.

Capturing their journey on camera, Jeremy Abbott, known as JeremyXplores, and his companion BigBankz delved into the mysteries of the purportedly haunted 10-bedroom, 11-bathroom mansion.

Abbott shed light on the mansion’s mysterious past, revealing that its creator was an accomplished individual who had graduated from a prestigious medical school. This polymath had achieved success as a surgeon, a father of four, and even a recreational pilot.


Citing reasons of discretion, Abbott refrained from disclosing the location or the identities of the family associated with the megamansion. According to the urban explorers, the mansion was constructed in 2006, costing a staggering $10.5 million. Tragically, the father and one of his sons met their demise in an aircraft crash while the house was still under construction.

Left in financial distress, the wife and three surviving children found themselves in dire straits as the deceased patriarch had allegedly failed to pay his life insurance premium before his untimely death. The family, burdened with an $8 million debt on the mansion, was reportedly making monthly payments of $50,000 until they were eventually evicted.


BigBankz asserted that a foreign owner held the property until 2015 when, supposedly, he returned to his homeland and ceased paying property taxes. The urban explorers discovered a treasure trove of expensive items within the mansion, including a mahogany library, an elevator, a mahogany bar, an indoor pool, an outdoor sports complex, a four-car garage, and another indoor pool.

Luxury cars such as a Land Rover, a Mercedes-Benz, and a Volkswagen Beetle were also uncovered during the exploration. The living room boasted an impressive “at least 12-foot” Christmas tree with sparse decorations, and the refrigerator contained empty water bottles, suggesting the presence of a transient individual who might have hastily exited through a window upon the explorers’ arrival.


Jeremy Abbott expressed astonishment at the smaller items left behind, such as designer clothes with tags still attached, Dior shoes neatly arranged in the closet, and expensive jewelry and makeup in the bathroom. He found it perplexing why these valuable possessions hadn’t been taken when the family left.


Abbott, recounting the accidental discovery of the estate while scouring online reports of abandoned homes, reflected on the expedition’s emotional shift from excitement to profound sadness. He felt a sense of reverence for the family that had once inhabited the mansion, their dreams shattered along with the plane crash that claimed the lives of the father and son.

The 11-hour exploration left a lasting impression on the urban explorers, emphasizing the wastefulness of human consumption and the abandonment of valuable resources. Abbott concluded by expressing his dismay at the sheer magnitude of waste evident in such abandoned properties, leaving viewers both amazed and sorrowful for the family and the mansion succumbing to the encroachment of nature.