This colorful rosy maple moth is an eye-catching garden visitor

The appearance of this insect is amazing, and the color is largely responsible for that.

The maple moth, professionally called Dryocampa rubicunda, can be very enchanting. In this case it is a maple moth pink color, which gives a beautiful feeling just looking at it.

These species are not pests, they are actually vital pollinators. It could be said that they are among the most wonderful creatures.

This insect is from North America, more precisely from some eastern parts. It gives one new color to nature with its beautiful colorful look. Surely your heart will receive it after you look closely at all this beauty.

Their beauty simply cannot be described in words.

There are many of them who are more beautiful than the others, but mostly all of them have bodies covered with various patterns.

They are too sweet…

We must not continue to trample the caterpillars, otherwise we will no longer see beautiful butterflies and moths.

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