This labrador fostered 9 orphaned ducklings and he is now an internet celebrity

If people had to single out the friendliest type of dog, it would probably be the golden retriever in many cases.

At Mountfitchet Castle there is one like this that is 10 years old. By the way, this castle is located in Great Britain, specifically in Stansted.

There lives Fred, this cute, beautiful dog. Besides him, there are also 9 ducklings who recently lost their mother.

No one knew how it would affect these little ducklings, but Fred decided to take care of it. He became their father.

These little ducklings spend their time with Fred all the time.

He has no problem looking after these cute little creatures.

It doesn’t take much time for ducklings to start living on their own, but until then it’s good to have someone watch over them.

It is clear why the video with these creatures won the hearts of people around the world.

Watch the video:

Source: Top 13