This photo from the “Pretty Woman” blooper reel is not edited: Take a closer look, and you’ll understand why

Since its debut in 1990, the classic romantic comedy “Pretty Woman”, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. While the film is celebrated for its captivating storyline and beloved characters, there exists a trove of amusing bloopers hidden behind the scenes, just waiting to be discovered.

Fans have been treated to a collection of bloopers that showcase the humor and camaraderie among the actors and crew, offering a rare glimpse into the making of the movie. These outtakes provide a lighthearted and entertaining peek behind the curtain, featuring moments of awkward dialogue and unexpected mishaps.

One particularly memorable blooper captures Julia Roberts struggling to stifle her laughter during a pivotal scene. Both Roberts and her co-star Richard Gere dissolve into fits of giggles as she attempts to deliver her lines with her signature charm. This endearing moment serves as a reminder of the genuine chemistry between the film’s leads, adding to the enduring legacy of “Pretty Woman”.