This woman came across an old, filthy luggage in a bush

During her commute to work in Essex, England, a compassionate nurse stumbled upon an unexpected sight: an abandoned suitcase lying on the sidewalk. Intrigued by her instincts, she approached the mysterious luggage, unaware of the heartwarming surprise it held within.

To her astonishment, upon opening the suitcase, she discovered a litter of 15 kittens, all between three to five weeks old, nestled inside. The bag had been carefully punctured with holes, allowing for airflow to reach the tiny felines, indicating that whoever left them behind had hoped for their survival. Remarkably, the suitcase had been strategically placed near a well-known animal refuge, perhaps in a desperate plea for help.

Quick to act, the nurse reached out to Alison Gamble, a staffer from the shelter, for assistance. Upon examination, Gamble was relieved to find the kittens in relatively good condition, despite being separated from their mother.

“These kittens are in decent shape considering the circumstances”, remarked Gamble. “It’s evident they’ve been without their mother for some time.”

Given their tender age, the kittens require round-the-clock care, including bottle feeding to ensure proper nutrition and development. Fortunately, the dedicated staff at the shelter are committed to nurturing these vulnerable souls until they are ready for adoption.

“While some of the kittens show signs of eye infections, the majority appear to be in good health”, explained Gamble. “We’ll continue to closely monitor their progress to ensure their well-being.”

Watch the video below to witness the heartening journey of these fortunate kittens, from abandonment to the promise of a loving forever home.