Truck driver gets overwhelmed and starts crying when he gets reunited with his cat after months of search

Matthew B. and Ashes, his best friend, spend time traveling together from day one. This gray cat is three years old, he went through everything ugly, now he travels with his beloved friend in various countries. Now, of course, there is a connection between them that is very difficult to destroy.

Ashes was a friend of Matthew’s and was always willing to go with him, wherever and whenever, until once. It was in the seventh month in Springfield, Ohio. This driver stopped with the truck at Love’s stop, and Ashes accidentally fell out.

Then apparently the cat got very scared so he ran into the woods. Driver Matthew was very sad and worried and started looking for his friend in the woods but still failed. Although it hurt, he had to keep driving. Anyway, he was sure he would come back and look for his friend again.

Lollypop Farm

Lollypop Farm

Then Matthew himself set some of his goals to be reached by truck, only to return again to that unfortunate place where he had lost a friend.

He believed he could find it, he just needed perseverance.

This station was visited by Kimberly T. and her friend during their trip to New York. As they sat in the car they spotted a hungry, helpless cat that wanted just a little of their attention.

As Kimberly says the cat was trying to keep his feet in the air because it was really cold.

Since there was no owner of this cat in sight, Kimberly let him get to her car to keep warm. It was clear that he had been on the street for quite some time. It was necessary to go to the vet and to take care of him a lot.

Lollypop Farm

Kimberly knew some people who could help this poor cat, but it took a long time to travel to him. That place was in New York, at the end of her trip. So Kimberly decided to take the cat to Lollypop Farm, where their main goal is animal welfare in Fairport, New York. Farm Lollypop told reporters that Kimberly did not even suspect that this was not a cat like any other, he was a very experienced traveler.

They immediately scanned the microchip, which is a routine they do to every pet that joins them on the farm. As they say from the farm, not only was the microchip present, but there was also an owner who registered the cat in Texas, at an address that was quite far away, as much as 1465 miles.

Lollypop Farm

It was clear that it was Ashes, the lost cat of Matthew’s truck driver. They picked a number from the registration number, and there they were greeted by Matthew, calling from Arkansas. He was shocked.

Sam told the people at Lollypop Farm that he was constantly thinking about his friend, even though it was clear to everyone.

He made a new driving plan and headed straight to New York. While driving, during that time Ashes got all the help he needed and gained a few pounds.

Lollypop Farm

About ten days after Ashes returned, Matthew arrived. It was clear to the cat who it was and he ran to it.

They say from the shelter that Ashes knew Matthew and was, of course, attached.

Then the truck driver cried as he gently touched Ashes.

He said it was his Christmas miracle.

Lollypop Farm

It’s all thanks to the microchip, without it you’d probably never see each other again. The women who spotted him and took him with them saved him, but the microchip brought him home.

There was a team from the shelter, but they were not the only ones touched by this event. Kimberly with her friend was also left in tears. They fell in love with this beautiful cat as they drove him to the shelter and were very happy when Matthew and Ashes met again.

From Lollypop Farm they say the two had a very good relationship before their unfortunate parting, although the truck driver says they now have an even better relationship. Ashes now finally looks happy and probably loves him more than ever before.

I myself cannot believe that the disappearance of this adventurous cat has come to a happy ending after all.

Lollypop Farm

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