True friendship, elephant visits her bedridden dog friend every day and mourns when she passes

We often read about dogs, cats and even other domestic animals. Rarely do we hear anything good about giraffes, zebras, monkeys, owls, elephants… Here you will be able to read an interesting story about the friendship of two completely different animals.

These two animals differ in appearance much more than in behavior, for they obviously correspond to each other.

We enjoyed reading and writing this wonderful story, we hope you will too. We break the monotony of publishing about domestic animals a little, so that even these a little further away can come to the fore. Elephants are beautiful creatures. Whoever had the opportunity to see and experience them will confirm it. And now comes the story that you will have to read a couple of times to start believing in it.

Tarra and Bella, best friends for life. It wouldn’t be so interesting if Tarra wasn’t an Asian elephant weighing four tons, and Bella a dog, not overly large, of unknown origin. There is no real explanation for their friendship. They met at an elephant asylum where Bella happened to be, like some other dogs, and stayed there.

The two of them have been sleeping, eating, hanging out for many years, they are together all the time. It was only recently that it became known how strong that friendship really is.

Bella was injured, had spinal problems, and was in the house for three weeks because of it. She could neither move nor walk. All this time Tarra was by the fence, looking at the house where Bella was. She didn’t care about the park or the surroundings, she was only interested in Belle’s recovery.

When they realized what it was all about, the guards had no choice. They brought Bella to Tarra to see her. It was indescribable happiness on both sides. From then on, they constantly brought Bella to Tarra, until Bella fully recovered so she could go alone.

Unfortunately, Bella passed away later.

The end of a really interesting and very instructive story, which unfortunately has an unfortunate ending, about the friendship of two completely different worlds. We learned a lot from her, we hope you did too.