VIDEO! Rare video captures a six-month-old baby elephant laughing during a game in a wildlife preserve

The enchanting sight of a young elephant joyfully grinning is a rare and delightful occurrence. The viral video, captured at the Maevang Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand, back in 2014, showcased a six-month-old elephant exhibiting happiness and charming laughter, leaving viewers in awe of the unexpected display.

The video’s popularity is not surprising given its undeniable beauty. As the young elephant frolics and plays, the innocence and joy it exudes are reminiscent of a carefree child. This heartwarming scene challenges the misconception that only human infants can experience satisfaction and delight.

Filmed at the Maevang Elephant Camp near Chiang Mai, the video’s origin is linked to Laura-Jane, a student who flew from Aberdeenshire to Thailand to celebrate her recent college graduation. Little did she anticipate that her visit to the elephant camp would result in capturing a moment so special it resonated with countless viewers.

Observing the newborn elephant engaging in playful activities with its caretaker, including interacting with a plastic bucket, Laura-Jane was moved to share this extraordinary moment on her social networking page. The video garnered unexpected attention, spreading rapidly across the internet.

The infectious laughter emanating from the young elephant drew a crowd of onlookers, with the video capturing the genuine joy experienced by the adorable creature. Laura-Jane, with a Ph.D. in geology, is someone who appreciates the outdoors, and her joy in witnessing the elephants’ happiness at the camp is evident.

In a world where many elephants endure confinement in cages within zoos and circuses, the video provides a refreshing glimpse of an elephant reveling in natural surroundings.

The protective presence of the elephant’s mother nearby adds an extra layer of reassurance, ensuring the safety of her offspring within the confines of the caring camp.