While the woman was waiting for the bus, a stray dog came up to her and grabbed her by the bandana

Many of us have moments from the past that have changed our lives. We would single out the one when a small, cute, shaggy creature appears in our house and nothing has been the same since. This time Jane tells her story concerning the dog Archie.

It happened about 3 months ago. It looked like a scene from a movie. As Jane waited for her bus, not thinking about what might happen to her there, she was approached by a dog that had apparently strayed, got up on its two legs and grabbed the scarf. Jane didn’t know exactly what he wanted, but she followed him. It was the moment her bus ran away, but it was worth it.

After a long walk, they came to a house. Jane was very sad for him, so she fed him immediately. After he ate, he began to hug her with his sweet paws, with no desire to let her go. Then Jane realized she just couldn’t leave him and leave it to herself. Her heart pounded like never before.

She decided to take him home with her. She soon introduced him to her other pets, two cats and another dog. One thing was obvious since the dog immediately got along with everyone, and that is to keep him with him no matter what. That was the moment Archie met his family.

This hitherto unfortunate homeless dog seems to be a really smart and cuddly animal. He enjoys learning new things and enjoys playing with members of his new family.